Woke up in a mediocre mood. Did a short meditation and my morning got so much better. D was home from school yesterday with a fever. Today she got up and though not 100% she went to school. I’m so happy that she likes school and learning. She still has a low fever but I gave her some motrin and sent her on her way. I am standing by in case the school calls. I had fun with the kids last night. H didn’t get home until about 7, but I made the kids some cheeseburgers and sat with them while they ate. D ate only ½ of hers so I decided to eat the other 1/2 and called it dinner.  I wrestled with S for a while. He’s so strong. It helps me with my strength too! I’ve got nearly 100 lbs on him but I don’t let up on him much. It’s good for both of us. I hope he wants to compete this year.  He says he doesn’t, but we know he is a good wrestler and would probably do well. For him it’s is more of a mental game than a physical one.

I love H. I really do. I just felt like saying that. It’s real and it’s good.

I love L. Yes, it is a kind of love. It’s not real. I allow it.  It’s ok.

Is it possible for couples to know everything about each other? I hear that a lot – “We have no secrets” Is that reality?

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  1. I love nights where its just the kids and me. It makes for some of my very favorite memories.

    I think it is possible for a couple to not have any secrets from each other, but that is not the same thing as knowing about each other. It is my belief that who we are as a whole individual is only known to ourselves. Every one else just sees pieces.

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