Day 18

I’ve just returned to Divinity’s Reach. There is a festival in the city,  it is celebration of the new Year of the Rooster, that takes place in the Crown Pavilion every year. It is fascinating. I never heard of it before, then again I never traveled to Divinity’s Reach before just recently to pursue my studies. I wandered around the Crown Pavilion for a while to take in the decorations and the see what the hype was about. There are games you can play and such, though I am not interested in such things.

My thoughts as of late fall to my studies. Is it really worth all of my time? To study Sylvari until I am satisfied? I enjoy doing so, and I feel there is so much to learn about them. But as I sit here in Ossan District tavern, staring at its, for once emptiness, I can’t help but to wonder if I am wasting my time.

Time is precious, life is precious. Each second we are dying, every minute, every hour, every day is time we can never get back. I wish to be sure I am using it wisely. Perhaps it would be a wise idea to take on another study along with this one on Sylvari. 

On a side note, I’ve cleared out a room for Blue to stay in, should he accept my offer of living with me. This way I can keep an eye on him, make sure he is safe. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to have my best friend around. I have been feeling increasingly lonely, and Blue sedates that feeling. I worry of what would become of him if he didn’t have me to care for him.

I am contemplating taking Blue to the Rooster Festival. I feel it is good to give him experience in as much as I possibly can, as not even I know if he, or myself will live to see the next day. Time is precious, life is precious, Blue is precious, to me. I want to ensure he lives his life to the fullest, however long that may be.

I will write of adventures later. For now, I shall return home.

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