Day 326 – Frustration

Wednesday, January 18th 2017

Hmm, seems like I can only write my entries on Internet Explorer and not Chrome. I hope that’s fixed soon. I sent a message to the creator of the website expressing my problem, though I did not specify the browser.

Today was frustrating yay! The reason why is because my first period was programming. I have to do a for loop thing where it picks out the uneven numbers and makes them red instead of green for the even ones. I have no clue how to do that, since all he gave us is “if($counter%2==0)” and the basic for loop code, as well as where things should be placed between things like “<? { } ?>”, so basic PHP stuff that doesn’t tell me much. I asked him for some help and he wrote a little bit of code, but told me to try and figure out the rest. Just the frustration was a pain, since I am already stressed with other work. Kohai obviously saw my frustration (though this time was a bit obvious, during other times I’ll be just a tiny bit sad and she’ll notice it, she’s really good at detecting emotions, seriously, and it’s not because I look sad, since other people won’t see it), but I’m glad she didn’t ask me “are you okay?”. I just don’t like it, I don’t know why. I could even end up yelling at the person who asked me that “I’m fine”. I guess it’s cause I said in the past how awkward I feel in situations where I’m feeling in more of a sad mood. I also realised I end up feeling a lot better dealing with something myself than having someone giving me advice, even if that person’s advice is golden. (I am going to facepalm if someone gives me advice on this after I just expressed why I don’t like it, looking at you Megg, haha).

During math class we just continued revision and then I went to sit with Kohai at lunch. I obsessed about Star Wars with her, how I’m looking into which company to get a custom lightsaber from for my birthday (which is still in a while, but still), who would we want our masters to be, and if we’d pass the Jedi Trials. The Trial of Flesh and Spirit seem… fun. Trials of Flesh : Involving the apprentice overcoming great physical pain, hardship, or loss, the test sometimes resulted in death or dismemberment. Trial of Spirit : To pass the Trial of the Spirit, apprentices had to look deep within their souls, on a quest of self-discovery. This test was designed to pit a potential Knight against their most dangerous enemy: the darkness within themselves. Often, apprentices did not like what they saw, and it could be a highly traumatic experience. —I suppose if I was in that world, I’d have the proper training before going through those trials anyway, but wow. I expected more things like the Trial of Skill and Trial of Insight only.

I then had programming and I worked on my website. I am almost done now. Just gotta put a few more photos in and write something about my personal life, then the rest if just fixing the chat box that’s screwed up in time and appearance.

I finished the day with cooking and my teammates weren’t there. Didn’t matter though, since it allowed me total attention on my work and writing things down. I’m nearly done, just have to write an introduction and info about the nutrition disponibility in Italy and Greece.

At home I watched stand up comedy videos and ate before trying to work on my for loop thing. I cried in frustration and was even more frustrated when the website went down for a bit. I’m going to go up to him tomorrow and ask him to show me how to do it, since screw this. I just don’t have time to put up with it. There is one day left of class before the exams and I have that and something else to do in PHP. I want to be doing it with the availability of my teacher, so he can help me. I will be learning better that way anyway.

I’m going to go watch a show now. I think I have a headache coming on.

That’s all for today.

6 thoughts on “Day 326 – Frustration”

  1. Good luck on your program thing! I know you can do it. We’ve done if loops in computer programming class, only we did it in java, and to change colors, we did it in GUI buttons in applets. Anyway–good luck again and I’m sure you’ll get through everything!

  2. Obs, I know that you like doing things and learning things yourself, and that’s fine. But I don’t really care. I will give you advice and try to help you whether you like it or not.

    For example, in your title, it’s spelled: “Frustration”, with an “R” after the first letter. Your second and third paragraphs are also too long, you can split those up without breaking the main idea.

    The “if($counter%2==0)” should have spaces so that it’s easier to read. You can rewrite it as: “if ($counter % 2 == 0)” What this does is it divides a number by 2, and counts any remainders. If there are 0 remainders, that means the number is even, because all even numbers can be divisible by 2.

    Does all this make sense?

  3. And I know you want to help Megg, but in this case I specifically told you that I DO NOT want advice. I told you in the end I am better off emotionally dealing with it alone, so that does not help.

    And I know what it means. I just don’t know what to write for the table. I didn’t write sufficient information for you to know how to help me to do it to begin with, since I didn’t want to write the exact directions into my entry.

    Sorry if I sounded like I’m lashing out a you, but I just told you not to give me advice. Luckily it was only advice on coding, where it isn’t too big of a deal.

    Thank you for the typo though.

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