Day 8 – school!

I just finished my first day of school! it was good it was a lot less stressful than i expected. I want to tel people that but I know that as soon as i even hint at the fact that it was easy and not bad im going to get a shit ton of “I told you so”s and i DO NOT want that. for any of you who read my last post about how worried I was about today i am kindly asking you to refrain from commenting an “I told you” please?! yes ik i was over reacting to the situation but thats just how i get. i get so worried and i cotastrofize everything and there is no way to make me feel like it will be ok no matter what!
anyways i liked the teacher and everything. i like the campus as well. the library is really nice and its quiet wich is good bc there is no way to get any quiet were i live so yay! i just need to make friends now. 🙂

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