Didn’t know if I would journal about this or not. But I think I will.  It’s such a big part of my life right now.  Our church (4 campuses, thousands of people) under guidance of Jentezen Franklin, is doing a 21 day fast.  It is hard. I am not even doing the strict fast, but a very modified version.  I did give up pop-tarts and sweets and meat and most everything except fruit, veggies and water and flavored water. The purpose is to move closer to God.  I know it sounds weird to people who have never tried it.  I am in week 2, and getting along okay.  It also is a time for reading the Bible more, and praying.  Praying BIG.  I am including all of you in my prayers, especially those of you I know. But also journalists I haven’t read who I know have big troubles, on here.  My church is a charismatic church and takes the Bible very seriously.  It is also warm and loving and full of laughter and friendships. Wonderful church.  I wish I could invite each one of you to come with me.  Meanwhile, think of me as I struggle to keep this modified fast.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Fasting”

  1. Hi Grace! While I am not a practitioner of fasting, I think it is a beautiful thing. I am sending you positive energy and love as you continue this fast and deepen of your relationship with God.

  2. I too, hope fasting brings you closer to God as well. It doesn’t sound weird at all. Infact, Catholics fast on Fridays during Lent (this starts with Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter). A lot religions involve a period of fasting.

    Just do the best you can. Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

    And thank you for the prayers. You are such a beautiful, amazing woman.

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