In Progress

Its hard to see the smiles behind her eyes

And sometimes she doesn’t laugh easily

You don’t understand how much she cries

the tears well up and make it hard to see


You don’t see the anger, she keeps it inside

Sometimes its just easier that way

Shut away love, she’s lost her pride

Hurt sets in, grief  here to stay


the pieces of her heart and soul have scattered

a million tiny fragments, a mess to sort through

it’s tiring, besides none of it matters

The secrets she hides, that nobody knew


A candle once lit,  starting to burn out

the night too eager to take its place

replacing truth with many doubts

Covering honor with disgrace


Locked in her heart, it’s eating her away

Sometimes its better to put up a fight

Stifle and Suffocate the awful decay

and pretend that all is well; despite


but The mind is only so strong

and The heart soon follows thought

though A smile can sometimes prolong

The light her eyes once brought


Yet she still struggles in silence

Swimming hard through the debris

Hanging on to prayers as guidance

Praying soon that she’ll be free


Void of anger, sadness and pain

floating weightless with serenity

Benevolent thoughts she can attain

To prevent her heart pounding restlessly









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