It’s the little things.

King and I have been on the outs since Dec 26th. Normally I don’t know the date the tiff started, I just have a general idea of how many weeks it’s been. I don’t think cold shoulders last weeks in most homes. Days maybe, but weeks? Oh well. it’s been working for 10 years in this screwy fashion. Dec 26th, the day after Christmas. I have my whole family together, getting along! (Kid and King are not the best of friends). Nothing can bring me down. King is a light switcth. I always thought it was the alcohol with a touch of psychosis. Naw…It’s mostly psychocis. The alcohol had just turned the sensitivity meter closer to the delicate side.  

Boom! Blow up after half the day is gone. Anger rarely is what it seems to be about. Is it about the dog? That I envited Baby Huey over and he ate half your Christmas ham AND turkey? I honestly didn’t believe it wa humanly possible to consume that much meat in an hr. MY BAD. It’s the dog. Not really the DOG but more my not telling you Kid got one. Words like Betrayal, Deciet, Lies, Double Cross get thrown around. He has a flair for being dramatic….maybe I should start calling him Queen. 

Okay, I kept the dog fact from him but when asked, I blurted out ” His name is Escobar and he’s adorable you will love him (all in one breath). I don’t lie. Don’t like lying. Can’t stand being lied to. I have lied in the past. We all have. It makes me nauseous. The thought of having to remember and maintain makes my head spin. Anyways. He gets exploisve. Not to be confused with violent. Every argument always ends up with “Get out of my house” from King and  “Go fuck yourself” from me.  This is a whole nother story. 

After the initial blow out comes silence. Complete silence. Pillow barriers. Coffee wars. Refusal to sit at the table with the family for dinner. Refusal to eat anything I have bought. I gauge where we are at by his ridiculous behavior. There goes No response, Response through talking to the dog, Response in a snotty tone, Is capable of talking to me in the same manner you would to the clerk at the store. 

I gague where we are at based on Kings TV choices. Sports and News all day and controls the remote at night, Sports and News and gives up the remote at night, recorded shows we both watch and gives up the remote at night. 

Tonight I was pretty booboobutthurt over something lame.  I didn’t feel like laying down quite yet. He has to get up early for school so he lays ddow around 7, 730. I finally come lay down and he had the chanel on Reelz, Dead Man Talking. A show I have not heard of on a chanel he watches. I love these kind of shows! After this show is one about Ted Bundy. I love crime shows and serial killer…well, the stories about them. He finds it odd but still supports my interests. I’ve gotten beautiful book from him about killers. So, I come to bed, he is all curled up, pillow barrier has gone from double wall to single wall, remote on my pillow and a show I have not heard of on the tv. Chances are he set it to record. I haven’t checked. 

Whoooweeee! There may only be 2 more weeks left of this winter. It will be good to get back to the fun normal. Until then..I continue to chuckle at what a drama queen this clown is and sometimes daydream about smothering him in his sleep with a wet pillow. 

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