Just why dude?

This mf came home tonight..cake up on the phone…as much as it hurts to hear him cakin again..playin same role he did on me..i swear that female just dunno..he a bad mf i swear…he play such a nice role..such a good partner..such a im ready to grow and build something..such a i cant wait to talk to u again..such a i wanna be around u..such a good fucken manipulator…jezz..why does he has to be like that and just be normal…why cant he just stick to his guns and stop trynna use ppl..who knows she could be a chick that would deal wit his bullshit…but hell not me..i jus fucken cant…when he is good..he is an amazing man…but his darkside..omg turn that amazin to one manipulating evil man that force you to feel sad for him and help him to get on his feet and hold the house down while he out trynna “find himself”…there is nothing wrong wit soul searchin but do not USE people so you can have a lead way…take care of your business playa…cuz i refuse to take care of a grown ass man..best believe that

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