Loving Life

I am spending the day at home today.  I feel a little guilty because there was some kind of mistake made on the schedule and no one showed up to the office to work today, so the office manager tried to call me in.  I’ve already picked up a few shifts in the last couple weeks, including giving up one of my coveted days working the zipline to work in the office, so I begged off.  Since it is the off season, my employer offered me a couple full days working in the office, so I could have something to carry me through until the zipline tours and rope courses pick up in the spring.  At this point, I am starting to worry that the office is starting to rely on me heavily.  The girl I replaced as assistant operation’s manager warned me that once the office hooks you in, the less time you get in the field.  I’m going to be careful to not let that happen to me.  

I had a really good reason to stay home, however.  I promised Alex I would pick him up after school.  I have to bail on him a lot to run into work to do a tour or cover for someone in the office, but yesterday before he went to bed he made me promise to be the one to pick him up.  He doesn’t even really have plans for after school, he just wants me to pick him up and maybe swing by the park on our walk home.  I hope the other moms will be there so I can hang with them while Alex plays with the other kids.  

I am meeting Rod soon for lunch at one of my favorite sushi places so I better get a hustle on.  It’s noon and I still haven’t got dressed.  I love days like this! 



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