My daily life, Currently.

I’ve stayed inside my room for the past week. I’ve practically given up on exercise, mentally I feel as if I will never lose weight, no one will want me, and I don’t need anyone. I’ve given up on my diet completely, so much that I had eaten a batch of cookies without even feeling guilt. 

Every-time I go out to exercise, I change my mind since it’s either too cold, I feel to self-conscious, I have other important things I can do, or I plainly don’t feel up to it anymore.  A few months back I could exercise without complaint, and it just frustrates me now. I’m not leaving my room, the weather isn’t helping, and I’m probably gaining weight without noticing it.

Maybe I feel depressed?Frustration? Both maybe. I haven’t been able to sleep either. So far my routine sucks and I’m not good at disciplining myself anymore like I used to.

Finals are coming up and I just feel so weirdly tired of my routine. Not that it’s boring, maybe just that I’m bored of everything and it’s hard to keep my attention on something I want to.

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