New Lesson

Today I’m proud that I bit my tongue. A friend is having a difficult time with a breakup and I said something that set her off. She must be having a hard time. She went to a psychic and they told her the same thing, but she accepted it. Although annoying, it was an interesting time to watch myself. Surprisingly I was more amused than anything. Even more surprisingly I learned something valuable and it made me think of my business. 

There are few things more frustrating than well intentioned, well researched, well experienced advice, knowledge, sharing falls on deaf ears. Sometimes it causes a rift between people in the workplace, at home, or in some social situation because both parties end up offended for different reasons. The point becomes making the point – but things are probably to a point where no one is really listening to the other person anyway because they’ve already decided the other person obviously has it out for them and won’t stop until they’re right, or in some cases, their opponent is dead.

In other work I do I’m constantly perplexed by the people I strive to serve. I see my clients in a new light today because of my friend. Neither my clients nor my friend have been ready to hear what I’m telling them. When they are ready they seek the message, the communication. My friend returns triumphant. My clients return unloyal or not at all. There is a link missing in what I’m doing. There is something I’m glossing over – likely something for which I currently have no patience. 

Life can be easy. I have a feeling I’m making things difficult, unnecessarily too. More slowing down and more watching seems to be in order. What’s the missing link?

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