Polar opposite mom.

growing up I always wondered what it would be like to get along with my mom. I love my mom. She’s a great cook, clean fanatic, funny and very loving. However growing up we never agreed on anything. If I want to go left she wants right. We considerably argue and don’t ever talk to each other and if we do we don’t agree. Only conversation is Just basic things, like yes or no. It’s really sad. She grew up in a different country, and I have adapted to my American ways. It’s a huge culture clash. 

2 thoughts on “Polar opposite mom.”

  1. I can understand how that can be very hard to come to the conclusion of. Just because you have differences, doesn’t mean you can’t make it work.
    My mother and I tend to clash a lot, I just like to try to find an even ground between us, something we can agree on.
    If not, then I keep my distance. Eventually you might find that keeping a certain distance actually helps, and you can still be around her or even enjoy her. Keeping a distance does not mean having to give up your relationship with her.
    While my mother has never quite been as supportive as she could be(Way she grew up), I like to see the positive side of her and what I admire or like about her, It helps me be a little more tolerant, appreciative, or even understanding.
    Learning to understand her more might help ease any arguments you two might have.
    Learning more about how she thinks, how she was raised, her opinions, can help you avoid topics that might trigger something bad happening.

  2. Didn’t think anyone was gonna read my journals but Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely try harder to be more patient and understanding of my mom. My mom always does everything out of good intentions and I try my best to see that. Thank you x

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