Thursday January 19th

Today is going to be hectic. I have to get a lot of shit done. I have to go to the bank and get $1300 cash to pay my movers on Saturday. I have to go to the consignment store and get my checks.  And the big stuff after school today: getting the final rental mini van and loading it up in preparation to leave tomorrow. That will be the worst part. I just hope everything will fit. I am just going to put the school stuff at the storage that won’t fit. I can deal with whatever is in the storage when I come back to Kentucky in July. I’m sure I will feel well enough to pilfer through that junk after a couple of days of rest. 

I just have to keep remembering to breathe and not let myself get upset over any of this. I will get to New York on Saturday and start the first day of my new life. It’s gonna be great. 

Later, that same day…

So I went to the bank, got the cash, went to the consignment, and went to Goodwill. I called the vet and called the rental car place. I am all set for this afternoon. I will feel so much better after I get all my crap loaded up and see that it all fits. 

Still even later, that same day…

I got the van and everything fit easily! I am now wondering if I should take all my school stuff. I am debating on whether or not I should leave it in my storage. I don’t really know if I’m going to like the new school, and I don’t want to load all my stuff in there and then have to load it back out. I think I will go to the storage again in the morning before school and leave a few more boxes. Once I know that I’m staying there, I can get all my crap and take it there. I don’t want all that crap piled up in my apartment for the next 6 months, that’s for sure. 

I can’t believe the day is finally here. One more sleep in Kentucky and then I’m out. 

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