Vacation Needed…

I desperately need a vacation. I never ask for help but when I do it don’t even get it anyways. This girl at work hurt herself at home and been off since week before Thanksgiving.  I’ve been doing half her work. I had help up until a week ago when another girl took off for foot surgery.  I don’t even know how long she will be off. So now I got double the work on top my own. Yesterday I asked my boss for help which I never do because today I’m swamped.  He said he was off today but would make arrangements for help. Later he comes and tells me he’s having another girl come help but won’t be until 9am. Well it’s now 9:20am and no help yet. Looks like I’m doing it all myself again. I hate my job. There’s no communication, or teamwork. Everyone is for themselves and it’s disgusting already. My husband says I should come work with him,more money but I’ve been with this company for 9 years now. But on the other hand,the idea is looking sweeter and sweeter. Or maybe I’ll just look for something else. I don’t know how much more I can take. I need a vacation but that won’t be until May. Our 10th anniversary we plan to go away for the weekend. Life sucks!

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  1. It’s not really the job I hate,it’s the place. It wasn’t as bad when I was hired. You lose co workers to retirement or moving away and get new ones and these new ones are trouble. They do nothing but complain and talk about ppl behind their backs. That’s why I stay to myself. It’s just a headache sometimes.

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