Wednesday January 18th

I only have 2 more sleeps in Kentucky. Tomorrow is going to be jam packed. I have to get the rental car, get my stuff at school, get my stuff at the storage, and get my stuff at Deedra’s all loaded. I also have to go to the bank and get $1300 cash to pay my movers on Saturday, and go to the consignment store and get my checks for my stuff that’s sold. 

I hope I am able to drive, drive, drive on Friday and not be tired. I have to get there early for Saturday morning delivery of my stuff. 

I know the next couple of days are going to be hard, but then it will all even out once I am settled. 

I have gained a shit ton of weight the last month or so with all the stress and being all over the place. I just cant worry about that right now though. 

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