what the actual fuck!?!?!

literally any thing i do is wrong or makes her feel like i dont love her enough or like i a tease or i cant do something right or i ask her to do something and she says she doesnt like it but then she asks me if its helping me so if i say yes then she is gonna do it and feel uncomfortable and im gonna feel bad for making her do it or if i say no then she will stop and she wont be helping me anymore. i just cant win with this girl. i fucking cant do it anymore. at all.

One thought on “what the actual fuck!?!?!”

  1. I like blunt. Blunt is good.
    So much of what you said is true and I can recognize about my relationship. i just i dont know if she is toxic. i dont feel like she is toxic. i mean I love her but i do think about breaking up with sometimes. more often than id like to admit. i have no idea if thats a bad thing or if thats sign that i SHOULD break up with her. I dont want to but i do think about doing it a lot.

    You are very insightful. Thank you for all your wise words.

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