Yesterday I wrote a great entry. It was so funny. I really loved it. And then it got deleted. That was the second time so I learned my lesson and started writing in the notes on my phone. Afterwards, I just paste it.
Today was long and tiring. I feel a bit discouraged. Brandon has an ear infection. There’s a Maths test coming up. I have tuition again tomorrow. Last time it was excruciating. The old woman continually switched from yelling at me to offering kind words.
I’m trying to keep my cool. Hopefully, this weekend I’ll get a chance to relax and watch a movie.
Today I’ve started writing in my planner. Those are so peculiar. You can’t just use one from 2015 because the dates aren’t the same and it’s 2015. And you can’t use it as a notebook because the thought of that is just so…unsettling. I’ve also started a piggy bank. Well, a money jar – the more grown-up version.

What I did today was basically school and eating and studying after school. Which I’m happy to have done.
Tomorrow I have to pluck my eyebrows, figure out trigonometry and study English. I might see my friend once I’m done with tuition.

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