Acupuncture: retreat

Lying prone, the room goes dark, the only awareness I have is of me, or more specifically the left and right half of my body. I noticed the difference between them, the dark, shadowy hue over the left half, complete void below the navel, I couldn’t tell my left leg was there, but it didn’t matter. I was concerned with my left arm, a lighter gray, not quite black, definitely not void, I knew it was there, but it felt different. In contrast, the right side of me was light, moving, lit up, it was like a paperback book resting on a table and a light breeze comes along and flutters the pages, there was a sense of floating, not fast, not slowly, but drifting. Then I am aware of the knock at the door, and your voice as you enter the room, though I heard and registered it, you seemed so far away from where I was at that moment, but I wasn’t asleep. I was between awareness and somewhere else. My own encounter of the holographic nature of us and our world. I knew there was more to me than the slab of meat lying prone on the treatment table. Sometimes for brief fleeting moments as I let my thoughts take off like a freight train, I become aware of everything and nothing all at once, though if I try and consciously focus on these thoughts, they disentangle and I am left confused. Too much left brain interpretation.  

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