Already Thursday?

Time goes by so fast! It’s Thursday already. I didn’t go to gym cause I felt too tired and needed more sleep. Also got a ride to the office from Jolie cause I know it was wet out side. Work was pretty busy. Working on couple different projects and they all require some time to develop. Gotta keep working on it tomorrow. Lunch from the Vietnamese place next door and I really enjoyed the pho that I got today. Some reason it tasted much better than usual. I had to go to one meeting but was able to spent rest of my time working on projects. Push notification project is getting very interesting and excited to see what impact it can make.

Got out of the office around 7 PM then went to shopping with Anton and Caesar at the Beverly center. I asked them to go with me cause I need to buy some t-shirts. I bought 3 t-shirt today for under $20. Kind of satisfied for the purchase but could be cheaper 😉 Then we went to Cactus for the dinner. Very cheap but good quality food. My burrito was so good and too big lol. Anton gave me a ride back after the dinner. Doing laundry now and while I’m writing this after taking a shower. 11:11 PM and I feel sleepy already. Still haven’t got a chance to review my writing about new theme project and brainstorming for the new idea. I’m not even sure if I’m gonna have time this weekend either. Maybe tomorrow night if it’s raining and I don’t go skating at night.

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