Day 20

I am currently at the Coin in Salma District. As I stand here writing at a table near the walls, I find myself glancing towards the bar at a group of Sylvari that seem to be bickering for some reason. I’ve not been paying too much attention to them really. My thoughts are elsewhere. Back to my studies, to what I am doing here.

I came to Divinity to get to the Grove easier and to continue my studies on Sylvari, however, I my studies have not been entirely satisfying thus far, aside from my piqued interest in the Nightmare Court and how they think, and what they do. I’ve seen quite a few Sylvari here in the reach that would fit the appearance of what a Nightmare Courtier would look like, however, my natural instinct is not not judge a book by its cover. After all, Sylvari do not choose their appearance, as a Human does not. Or do they when they enter Nightmare Court? This is something I will surely be looking into.

At this very moment, there is a Sylvari sapling that appears to be yelling loudly. I’ve noticed that most Sylvari sapling enter the world like this. Loud, and obnoxious. It cannot be helped. They are but children, in a sense. In time, they will certainly discover how to control their volume in time. 

There is a Sylvari with a mushroom cap on his head before me right now. [Aloe Capri]. He is wearing a brown scarf and seems to be a rambunctious type, as I observed earlier while he was interacting with others. I have so many questions about so much, and no answers. I suppose that is what drives me to continue my studies. To seek out these answers. 

My studies are slowly turning into an investigation of Nightmare Court, it seems. I’ve heard a lot about the Nightmare Court with just basic tavern gossip, but nothing that truly answers any of my questions. It is rather unfortunate, truly.

… I just heard a Sylvari call another Sylvari a ‘ho’. He called the brown scarfed mushroom capped Sylvari a ho. Perhaps they are friends? They bicker as if they were such. I am going to walk around Divinity for a while, get some air, and explore a bit.

I stopped by Ossan tavern, but I am not going to stay long. There are not many people here, and some woman is giving me odd looks. I am not fond of it. I am going to head home now. I’ve no reason to be out and about anyway.

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