First Post

Hi humans.

I’m Flitch.

Something goes here, but I’m not sure what.

But anyway.

I’m 16 years old and I’m very boring. 

Actually, you might not want to talk to me precisely for that reason, because I swear upon bananas I will make your brains boil.

I tried to make friends once, but they screamed “FREAK!” and ran away. 


Oddly enough, there were no mirrors around.


Like I said, I’m very boring, and I’m also extremely rude, so don’t poke me with a stick and then run away crying that evil old Flitch had hurt your fragile feelings.

That weirdo therapist said I should start blogging to let my emotions out, and although I did poke his eye, I actually decided to start following advices. So that’s basically how I wind up here.

They also suggested I get a pet so that I don’t feel lonely. As if I ever did.

But pets sound nice, particularly because most of them don’t talk, although I have no idea what kind of creature I should get.

I guess that’s it for now, and, although they are probably going to force me to be “more descriptive”, I will leave for now and try to do something useful with my life.

2 thoughts on “First Post”

  1. Hello, Flitch. Human can be quite the pest, can they not?
    Thank you for leaving advice on my last log. However, I would prefer that in the future, you didn’t use such graphic words such as, “cut their heads off”. The urges seem to fuel off of graphic imagery. Thank you, Flitch, I look forward to seeing more logs from you.


  2. @Chistmer, I can get more graphic than that. After all I am Flitch, rude and ginger.
    And you’re very welcome.

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