I will fight any battle

Any battle i possible can i will fight for my girls. I am ever so willing to go to battle with anyone who do see to harm my girls. I will no longer stand by and let my kids watch this man beat on there bio mother. I refuse to do so. If i have to take on everyone in the county i will do so! Because i am dammed if i keep letting this man mentally harm my girls! If she is ever so stupid to stay with such a monster  that shall be her doing but she will no longer let my kids stand by and watch such things. To stay with a man after he placed a gun in your mouth in front of both your young preteen daughters is just crazy! NO man shall ever harm a woman let alone try to kill her right in front of her own fleshing blood. I am done. This momma bear will be fighting this worthless woman in court. I will not settle till i can sleep peacefully with my girls under my roof every night knowing that will no longer have to be around that monster of a man. 

2 thoughts on “I will fight any battle”

  1. The bio sees nothing wrong with it is the worst part. If he guys her something nice after its all forgettable

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