It’s not about us

As a divorced parent, there comes a time where we have to understand that it’s not about us. It’s about the kids. In my case, it’s about my daughter. After over 6 years of being divorced and co-parenting you would think it is smooth sailing now. But on the contrary, it seems as though as time passes, things get harder and worse. Everything has to be an issue, everything has to be convenient for him. Every couple of weeks he comes up with more ways to make life harder than it needs to be. If he’s moved on, as I have, why is he being so petty? Why is his girlfriend getting involved in decision making? I believe the parents of a child should be the only ones making decisions pertaining to said child. Besides that, if you are happy with your life, why are you constantly trying to put me down? Only misery loves company. You must be miserable in life to keep trying to interfere in mine. Well we are happy. Our daughter is seeing things with her own eyes. She’s experiencing things all on her own and if things continue the way they are going, you are going to lose her and it will be no ones fault but your own. 

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