Meetup Wednesday

I really need to implement autosave just load all my journal that I spent 10 mins to write 🙁

Started a day with working out my abs at the gym. Couldn’t really do much as I used to but I’m taking it slowly to get back on track. Got to the office before 10 AM and worked till 6 PM. I was pretty busy at work working on bunch of different projects beside new theme project but got a lot done. Trying not to be in the meeting if possible and utilize that time on actual work. Seems to be a right way to go unless of course the meeting is necessary.

Nikita, Jo, and I headed to the bar in Sawtelle for the tech happy hour. Nikita did some research on tech meetups and found this one and we decided to go despite the rain. Nice bar and bunch of people we never met. Started with a cup of beer and started to talking around. Met some interesting people there including recruiters, lots of candidates and people like us to just meet more people. It is interesting to see and meet new people and have conversation with them. Also very interesting to hear what they think about our company. Seems like FabFitFun has a very good reputation to people out there.

We stayed there till around 10 PM then headed over to little Osaka for late dinner. Ended up at the curry place and had a chicken cutlet curry and a bottle of beer. Jo dropped me off at my apartment at around midnight and I went sleep right after I took a shower. Fun but very tired at the end of the day.

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