Need prayers please

Hi, Friends!  Asking for a quick prayer from those so inclined.  I’m doing this fast but not feeling great.  Guess that’s to be expected.  I am trying to eat all fresh, natural fruits and veggies and water.  I cannot drink enough water as I should.  I am praying for all of you and specially for the ones I know from journaling a long time.  Sunday is my birthday—age 66.  Whoa!  I guess I can expect to feel a little slower.  I sure don’t feel that old on the inside, and my good hubby says I look nowhere near that in person.  The photo is about 9 years old.  But I actually look better now, not so stuffy. My hair is shoulder length and I pin it up in the back—I like the way it looks.  It is very dark.  Yep, I get a little help with that! (smile).  I love being able to be honest with you guys and gals.  Most of you by far are much younger than me.  So anyhow, I have lots of experience I can share with you, hopefully to help.  I really do love you!  Til next time……HUGS!

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  1. And we love what you have to share and offer us!

    Fruits and veggies for fasting are great, but are you still able to eat a reasonably balanced diet? Can you sneak a few nuts when you are able to eat? I think you’re amazing for sticking to this! Will you be fasting on your birthday?

    Thanks for the update!

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