Presidential Inauguration

I guess I’m in awe of the new president. While I can’t see the future, or how good of a president he will be, I’m putting my hope into him that he can do if not decent, good. It’s good to support the man who may bring success to our country. His success is our success.

When I was a child I never payed attention to when Obama was elected president, not realizing how much of an amazing and important event it is in itself. Nowadays I find myself feeling a bit of excitement for the day to come. It is finally here.

I’m in awe of the crowds, the numerous amounts of people, the cheering and even those who protested. There is so much to see, it’s just amazing how much one man can effect so many people. How much a president being elected means to so many.

People from Europe even came to see it in person, others from all over observe from far away. The way the new president holds himself even-though so many favor him and many detest him. Yet he manages to hold himself together during the entire time. 

He reconciled with even those he dislikes, since it’s his job to make the country as stable as possible. Fighting amongst each-other or causing harm only makes the country weaker. While he did have a tough rivalry with Hillary for the spot as president elect, he was friendly or cordial, respectful, afterwards. He has let go of the facts that they were once rivals, in order to focus on what’s important.

His speech was reassuring, at least I hope for some. It’s amazing how he carries himself, the energy the crowds brings, the excitement, and the feeling of the unexpected.

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