Prom 2017

So last night there was prom. I spend the whole “getting ready period” along with my bestfriend, whom couldnt come to the prom for some reason. My hair was fixed really nicely, and even though my hair is pink, it still came out really good. My prom dress was perfect and my makeup was great aswell. The tiara i was wearing might have dug a hole in my head but its fine since it made me look great. 

When I got there people were really suprised, and I got alot of compliments on my outfit. My 12 cm shoes was just about ok to walk around in at first, but then the more I walk the more they hurt. Still managed to keep them on my feet the whole night. I was sitting at the same table as my friend and the others at the table are all really nice aswell so I did get to talk with people. We took alot of pictures aswell, and I took alot of pictures of others too since I brought with me my camera. 

Only downside of it was the dance we all had practised for. I stepped out and was the only one sitting there watching the others do their dance. Positive thing about the fact that my friend got to dance with her bestfriend instead, since there was alot of drama and madness about the guy she was actually supposed to dance with. The sad part about it was that I sat there watching the others have much fun and I started thinking why I don’t have the guts to do that. Whats wrong with me I was thinking and was really about to cry. I should have been up there but like a loser I stayed in my chair watching. Though, as soon as that dance was over. Everyone got to dance all they wanted, and so I immediatly went to one of my close friends and danced with her. And hey, I’m proud I did actually dance atleast alittle that night!

I don’t really know what more to say. The night was good and I had fun. Always someone to be with and I was never left out. Also I didn’t feel the kind of anxiety that I kept feeling before at these kind of gatherings. It was actually great, im really suprised..

Btw, the food was terrible. But the really sour icecream was good 😀

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  1. Wait! Sour Ice Cream? Something like that exists? Why haven’t I heard about it ever before? Ice Cream is supposed to be sweet! Wow I would sure like to try the sour ice-cream sometime if I ever find any.

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