Settle For More Not Less

Never settle.
Something that my mom always said along with the millions of adults I hung around growing up.
Settling meant accepting your situation and not really thinking that it could get any better than it was in that very moment. How do you live with that? I know that we accept a lot of old sayings as fact without really thinking twice, but my analytical mind tends to overthink, and if it doesn’t make sense then I will dismiss it as a folks’ tale or a myth, but if it’s something that sounds sound then I automatically formulate this strong argument in my head with accurate premises on why my conclusion is true.
But never settle came to mind at this very moment as I am sitting on the bus, heading to my church that’s doing a Vision Party. A Vision Party is a party where a group gets together with glue, poster boards, and a boatload of magazines and printouts that somehow hold the key to their dreams. Other than the seriousness of having goals in life, it’s a lot of fun. It gave me the idea that settling in life is what so many people do without thinking. They settle for getting that C in school because it’s guaranteed to transfer credits. They settle on that job that pays the bills but doesn’t really fill their hearts. We live in a society that encourages people to get jobs that satisfy that criteria of making a lot of money to live off and is helping others get to the same point. Is that a realistic goal, though? Can you really find a job that isn’t just about money? Isn’t that the true definition of a job? I ask a lot of questions and think of things from different perspectives, because I was raised to not take anything for face value. I never settle for just one piece of information when I know that the entire puzzle needs to be solved.
So, even when I may be going through something personally, I use every bit of energy to figure out the best solution for me. If I can’t find that solution, then I get extremely frustrated and end up stressing myself out which shows quite clearly through my skin in the form of unappealing pimples and stubborn blackheads. So, to avoid all that, I just do all I can to satisfy my pre-existing need to reach a little bit higher than I did the day before. Settling is not in my DNA and when I hear it in a sentence, I cringe.

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