to my future husband

dear future husband, 

    I hate to sound like a cliché but there are really a few things about me you need to know if you really do want to spend the rest of your life with me. If you haven’t already figured out my many quirks and flaws then allow me to lay it all out on the line for you. Now I don’t want you to think that I am damaged because I already feel that enough for the both of us you may not be my first Husband but you will be my last, and you will be the only person to change my last name. But as I was saying don’t think that because I am insecure, impatient, moody, or over think things that I am damaged. This may have been true in the past but I picked myself up and put all the piece back together I learned who I was and what I am really worth so you must be pretty amazing yourself if you and I are going to be married. I want you to know that when I ask you questions like “are you sure you still love me”, or “you really think so” when you call my beautiful I don’t doubt that you mean it I am looking for a sign that shows you really mean it. You have to remember I have dealt with a lot of bull shit in my past and lying was a huge part of so many things along with not feeling beautiful, wanted, valued, or appreciated. when I act a certain way or say a specific thing its not because of you or anything you might of done, A lot of it is deep seated issues that I may never over come. I might be clingy but that is only because I want to spend as much time with you as possible I have had to go this much time with out you in my life I don’t feel like waisting anymore time with out you. I hope that when I have my ditzy moments you just smile and give me a look like there is no one better than me, I hope that when I am feeling goofy you play along and act goofy too, I hope that you can make me laugh until I cry as well as me doing the same for you, I guess the biggest thing I want you to know about me is that when you become my husband you become my world my everything and my best friend that is all I really want you to be my best friend someone I can count on trust the first person that I want to tell when anything good or bad happens. I want you to be by my side taking on the many battles that life will through our way. So if you think you can handle me and my many faults, flaws, and quarks then I’m sure we can conquer anything together.


                                                                                                             with love your future Wife <3       

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  1. Aww i love this so much. This is the sweetest thing i have read today and honestly i feel the same about the whole “Dear future husband” situation.

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