Got up at 8:15. It’s so great waking up early! Everyone was asleep. I made myself scrambled eggs, coffee and cereal and watched Sponge Bob. Showered, put some powder and moisturiser on and mascara, but I didn’t do my eyebrows. I only “combed” them. Looked good and thought how I may get rid of the “fleeky”, bold and drawn-on look. Had a two-minute existential crisis.

SOMEHOW figured out a small part of trigonometry. Went to tuition. It went so much better than last time!
Came round my friend’s house. We watched a movie about that experiment in Stanford. The prison experiment. We also ate and smoked.

Came home around 6 and sat down to eat some dinner. The radio was on and I heard there a dialogue and concluded that it was an audio drama! An audio drama! I hadn’t heard one in years. Years! It was about a writer. It was sort of boring though.

There’s this miserable piece of me that wishes she could’ve been born in the ’70s. That way I would’ve been an adult in the early 2000s. I’d rock all that edgy, but ridiculous clothes, I’d carry a huge cellphone with an antenna around…This urge to just go back is sometimes so great, it makes me cry. How do you deal with this?

Also, I MUST say something that I’ve wanted to mention ever since I’ve seen Jacob’s Ladder every time I went to write, I’d either forget or I would have already written too much or I just couldn’t find a way to incorpirate it into the day. Tim Robbins is divine. In his own way, he is (was) beautiful. His face is so pretty. He’s old now. Like 60.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the good luck you wished on me for the SAT! Means a lot.

    And lol, two-minute crisis. That’s me like every day. One mini internal explosion at a time.

    Have a great rest of the week~

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