as is the sat

taking the sat tomorrow for the first time.

i’m not even super scared right now, unless i am and i just don’t realize it. i can always take it again in may or june if i do really badly.

to be honest, i haven’t been reviewing, because i feel like all the “review” i’ve been doing is just in my schoolwork, in the things i do every day in class. math review, english review. like, my ap english iii class has let me know some tips on reading passages and writing essays.

i am going to cry if i don’t do well on it, but the scores won’t be out until february anyway, so, you know, i’ll just wait.


got my calculator + id + test ticket + pencils and eraser. i’m all set, i think. i’ll spend about like five hours tomorrow in school, waiting, taking the test………then of course another forty minutes to walk home, cry a little if i did badly, and then get over myself, do all my test reviews for my normal classes, buy some project supplies, and sleep until ten a.m sunday.


i hope i can bump into one of my friends while i’m waiting, so i can blow off some pressure by joking around a bit with them. that’d be cool. if i can’t, oh well. i dealt with the psat alone, it’ll be fine.


i think i’m getting used to taking tests because i have learned some inner chill.


wish me luck, easy questions, and a stable sense of mind.


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