I don’t think I will fast on my birthday (Sunday) because we have just a small family gathering and everyone would notice and ask questions, etc.  I am just going to have a small piece of cake (no pizza or anything)—and maybe a soda.  It’s a day of celebration.  I know I am still here on earth because God wants me here, and I know He is celebrating with me, because of so many times I was close to death from illness, accidents and even thoughts of suicide (all long gone now).   He rescued me from a lot of dangers, and gave me the ability to love life, even with all its challenges.  I think if He could He would have some of my birthday cake, too.  It’s going to be a happy day.  Then back to the fast.  I do eat sunflower seeds and peanut butter.  I’m not doing a strict fast at all.  Just nothing fried, no meat, fish or poultry; mostly berries, apples, juices.  When I get very hungry I may eat a slice of bread.  Or a natural grain cereal with a little milk.  I wish I could do better.  I used to be able to really fast.  Age changes things!  Mom’s birthday is 2 days after mine, so we are sharing the party (it’s all family.) And the cake has both our names. She will be 93! I can hardly believe it. Bless her heart, she didn’t pass the driver’s vision exam a couple days ago, and her driving days are over. That is a good thing, but it makes her a little sad, of course. But her vision is not good.  It’s best she doesn’t drive.  She is such a spunky lady, cheerful and active.  And does she love her cat!!  Oh, boy.  That cat is the moon, sun and stars to her!  Simba.  He is getting older, too.  15.  I’ve never seen anyone adore a cat so much.  I hope she never has to give him up.  When I was 11 we moved to another town and I had to give up my cat, who was my only friend at that time.  We were moving to an apartment no pets allowed.  I cried and begged, but mom pulled over to a farm and asked them if they would take my sister’s and my cat.  I had to forgive that, recently.  And it was hard; watching her dote on her cat and remembering how she gave mine away. But forgiveness is essential.  It is a must.  I am happy for her that she has Simba, he is good company.  Well, if I keep typing I’ll confess all my sins, and nobody wants to read THAT ! haha.  Maybe another day…. who knows.  It is nice to know that I can type out my thoughts and feelings here and even some people read it and comment.  I am always eager for comments.  Thank you so much for them!

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