Day 328 – First exam

Friday, January 20th 2017

Today was a good one. I started the day with my first exam. I asked my teacher if I could turn in the remaining PHP work I had, but he said it was due yesterday. So I slipped in the PHP work I did do yesterday before he noticed. At least the one I didn’t do was half done? Oh well. One single work shouldn’t make a huge difference.

I spent most of my time fixing little things on my website, such as the chat being a little weird looking or having the wrong time zone—there was actually someone on my chat at some point. Don’t know who it was or how he came to know my website, since you have to know the student’s first letter name, last name and three numbers in their school email. It wasn’t my teacher, since their username was the name of a student I heard of before in the background while I worked and my teacher wasn’t typing when messages were sending. He basically said nice work and A++, which I thanked him for.

I am satisfied with my website. The aside is filled out with a last second idea, it being a clock, the chat has a normal time zone and looks decent, the navigation menu doesn’t have any errors (since there’s a lot of pages to the website), everything is written, despite grammar I didn’t have time to review… I left as soon as we were permitted to leave, thanked my teacher, and texted Kohai to see if she was done before leaving. Apparently she finished 10 minutes after I was done, but oh well. 

I went to the bus stop and of course two of my close friends were there. They always finish their exams before the minimum time, so if I leave then, they’re there. I took the bus, transferred to another (saw a couple of planes flying low) and went home on time, since my brother just made hottdogs for the three of us, us being me, my brother and my dad. I ate, watched some videos and found an anime called ReLife. It’s really interesting. About a 27-28 year old guy who doesn’t have a job and is given the opportunity to live one year of his life in highschool to redeem himself, but no one will remember him after. I recommend it. I haven’t watched anime in forever, so it’s nice finding one that I seem to be really interested in.

I then did some massive research on lightsabers. I decided to settle on Saber Forge and after hours of designing and researching, I decided the one I really was is the Epoch lightsaber with either arctic blue or frost white. It has the modern look without it being like a flashlight (which my father mentioned to be careful of). The cost was around 450$ CAD, including the sound board and everything (which I must have), but after taking a few things down like the powder finish to a free one, and other small things that won’t make a total difference, it went around 350$ CAD. That’s without shipping and going through customs. It’s gonna be expensive as heck, but I always wanted a lightsaber since I was a kid. I’ll be saving up for it and treat it like my baby. And it’ll give me time while I am to see if Epoch still interests me the most.

I then helped out on the server by researching inspiration for a medieval castle with one of the owners. We found out what we wanted by the time I had to get off the computer. I texted Megg around 8pm, since I was waiting for him since I got home and so I wanted to see if we could call before I had to leave, but perfect timing, his internet went off around 8pm. Oh well, we plan on calling about the PHP work I didn’t do tomorrow. I want to be able to just at least tell my teacher “Even if I didn’t do it on time, I understood and did everything”.

I then watched a ton of ReLife before finally deciding I should sleep.

That’s all for today.

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