Feels good

He likes me.

He made me watch The Choice, a movie based on a Nicholas Spark book, and I already knew I was about to watch a very cheesy and emotional film, which made me get so into my feelings and I bet that’s what he wanted to happen.

He really does. I wasn’t going crazy, reading signs that weren’t there because they were.

He had been flirting with me smoothly. 

I’m so happy. The only problem is I don’t know when next I’m going to see him. I am excited and nervous. Cause I’ve been imagining everything in my head. I’ve been imagining so much, that I don’t imagine. It’s really crazy.

I that don’t think about the future is thinking about our future. I see us having a once in a lifetime relationship. I am deeply infatuated, cause I can’t possibly be in love. There are so many things I want to talk to him about and so many things I want to learn about him. 

He asked me if we were moving too fast? I told him yes that he is because he just got out of a relationship and there was no need to rush at all. Then he said maybe he should calm down and it made me happy because I’ve also been telling myself to calm down and not to rush.

Plus he willing said we did make cute babies and people this is how he announced his feelings for me. We were joking around about me getting knocked up so my best friend can finally have bestie babies and he said why shouldn’t I get knocked up and I asked if he was volunteering, of course, my mind went to his he flirting again, so I replied cautiously and he said am I willingly to accept and my heart is beating faster, and I said if he stayed no problem and he said he can stay, because he likes me. if we ever joined nether regions and

I read that, more than twenty times, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to go jumping and reading more into his words when it could just be friendship. So I asked him as a friend right and he goes is that the way how I see it? and I said I don’t want to confuse it and he says there is no confusing it, cause he really likes me.

And I’ve been floating on happy clouds since, and constantly catching myself smiling. I smiled for five minutes straight after I found out he also has feelings for me that go beyond friendship.

Now, we just have to take things easy and get to know each other some more. We’ve talked about the basics. Ourselves, but we haven’t really gone in deep. I need to start on that, but I guess it will be slightly stunted, cause my finals start next week and I don’t finish the 9th, really won’t have much time to talk to him.

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