It’s pretty serious.

Early this morning, my spouse and I had planned to go out and eat dinner tonight.

I was a bit excited honestly. We never go out and eat. If you ask me if I’m still excited now…I’m not.

I should have seen this coming.

He’s out with his best friend, “moving furniture”, I don’t believe it one bit. At least tell me the truth. 

He asked me to call him, so I called, he was just talking to me so rude. Telling me what he had texted me. Practically word by word. I asked him to stop being like that to me. He replied with, “I didn’t notice I was talking to you that way”. That’s it. And the call was done.

So now I’m here.

I know you guys will read this and wonder why I’m still with him. Its not only because I stupidly love him. I have to be here with him in this apartment that we rent… due to court issues and what not. Its pretty serious.

I just wish he would see the way he treats me. 



2 thoughts on “It’s pretty serious.”

  1. My suggestion would be to take a silent break. That’s right, pull away from him. Take some time for yourself, take up a hobby, re-connect with your (female) friends. I know its hard. We as women want things resolved right away. Guys, they have a different way of thinking. They take their time with their thoughts and can be kinda blah (on the outside) in the mean time.

    So if it were me, I’d be polite and civil, but I’d take a break by taking pressure off of the relationship.

    Hth & good luck

  2. I see me and you are the same in our relationship. And it sucks you’re stuck at a crossroads. But hang in there if you don’t leave you see something in him. You fell in love with him for a reason right? Focus on you, and that would be the greatest distraction of all. Once you start showing you’re ok with our with out him he’ll realize, trust me they always come back. Women will leave after giving endless chances but once were gone we are gone!

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