First time writing on here…hopefully ppl not to judgemental.  32 yr old female here…over weight, teeth are bad, low self confidence, etc. Yes there ppl worse off than me but cant help feeling way i do. My friends and family are the reasons I’m still alive…mostly my mom. Everybody else has somebody. If my mom died i don’t know what I’d do…prolly wouldn’t b far behind her…her health and sanity is why I’m still here. Back in 11th grade (2002) i got severely depressed…got myself out of it but promised myself if i ever got that depressed that I’d end it once and for all. I’m trying not to let myself get depressed but i can feel it coming…usually can get myself outta it but lately…I’m just drowning. Think bout my life and the future. One day we all going die, we wont see our family and friends anymore. Seriously Whats point of life…school, work, children (which i can’t have), and the we die. Just thinking bout ask that makes me anxious and depressed. Not looking for pity or sympathy, just saying what i feel.  Who knows maybe one day things will b better…and ill find my purpose to live.

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