My Boyfriend Watches Orange Is The New Black!!!????

SO. The other night when my boyfriend and I were skimming through Netflix, he decided to put on Orange Is The New Black.

I have never seen it before but heard lots about it. Its something I would probably watch alone or with my girlfriends. Twenty minutes into the show and I still have not spotted one fully clothed women. 80% of the scenes took place in the jail shower. Not to mention the sexing scenes. I couldn’t continue to watch that with him.. I got upset and asked him to change it. I know that comes off as jealousy or shows insecurity and yeah I might be a little bit of both but shit! Am I crazy??!! I feel like he just watches it for the view. And yes he follows this show and told me hes very excited for the new season.. 

I’d really like to hear some opinions from both male and female! 🙂

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