Nervous Newlywed Post:1

I just got married in August. My husband and I have been dating long distance for three years. Now that we are married, we are finding it to be extremely difficult. We have been going through some hard times these last few months. We reached some low points, ones that scared me because I felt so lost from myself. Last week I decided it would be better for me to be with my parents for a week. They live in my original hometown, 6 hours away. So I came home and stayed the week with them to really think things over and have a clear mind with the absence of my husband. Tomorrow I see him to talk things over. To decided if we want to continue this marriage or if it was just a mistake. I am really nervous to see him. I’m nervous because I’m afraid he wants to end out marriage. Though it’s been extremely difficult, this week apart has made me realize I do truly love him and trust him. I want to continue to stay married to him. I have a lot I need to discover about myself and issues to work on. These issues are one of the  main things that are hurting out marriage. We are both only 21 years old and feeling pretty lost and sad. I have not had the same relationship with my friends since I have gone downhill in my mental health. So I thought I would try this journal thing where I can anonymously share my ups and downs. Any advice would be appreciated:)     

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  1. You were wise to take a little time away, and not too much. Now that you know you want your husband and you love him , you can tell him that and I think he’ll be much relieved to know it. I pray you’ll be as happy together as my hubby and I (married 46 years.) May God bless your marriage and give you both clear guidance and PEACE in Jesus’ Name.

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