Day 21

I have packed my supplies and am heading to the Grove in a few moments here. Blue was not home when I left, so I left him a note on the table, along with some breakfast I made before I left to ensure that he ate something nutritious.

I stopped by the tavern in the Grove, Starbower Nursery, to grab some nectar and go on my way. Sylvari get inebriated off of nectar, but Humans, at least from wht I’ve seen and experienced myself, do not get intoxicated from it. But, it is delicious, and I very much enjoy it.

Spoke with Warden Fermeoir. He explained to me that a Warden’s duty is to protect the Grove from threats, and to provide Sylvari with guidance, and make sure they live according to the tenets of Ventari. I asked what the Grove’s greatest danger was, and he said; “It is the darkness within our hearts.” And that too many saplings heed that darkness and turn to the Nightmare Court for answers. I asked if he thought the Nightmare Court could be stopped, and he said that the court could be, but the Nightmare cannot. “We all sense the darkness within the Dream, and we must struggle constantly to keep the light alive.” If that is not depression to hear, I do not know what is.

I suppose I lost track as to where I had been wandering, as I had wandered for a long while when I realized I was in an area with, prison cells of sorts. I went to the closest Sylvari whom I thought may be a warden, and met Warden Agam. He told me the creatures in the pods were dangerous. He also explained I was in Nightshade Garden, which indeed is a prison for enemies of the Sylvari. Agam said they keep mostly Nightmare Court members, but also Soundless who commit crimes, Hylek who harass the citizens of the Grove, and creatures who wander too close to the Grove’s boarders. Upon closer observation of the cells in which held the Grove’s current prisoners, I saw a Hylek, what I assume was a Nightmare Courtier, three of them, it seems, and some other creature I could not place.

I am tiresome from my journey thus far, and I am going to return to Divinity’s Reach now. I suppose I could observe some Sylvari for a while from afar. 

I am currently at a tavern in Ossan District, back in Divinity’s Reach. I’ve taken up space at a table in the back. The tavern appears to be bustling with patrons this evening, none of which are Sylvari. Though, there is are two siblings that look nearly identical. They are dressed in all black, and have not said a work the whole time I’ve been here, which has been for a long while now. The conversations around me are basic. Politics, drunken banter, a few tiffs here and there. Nothing of interest, really. I plan on heading home relatively soo— A man [Hangman Garold Soth] was wandering around stumbling about. He nearly ran into my table. I am contemplating moving to sit elsewhere at this point.

Absolutely nothing interesting has happened. I am heading home to rest. Tomorrow is a new day, however. I am hoping to conduct my next step of the studies; Finding a Sylvari to guide me around the Grove, and to interview and study. I know a majority of the Grove by now. I find myself getting lost, still. I will worry about this step tomorrow. For now, I must rest. 

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