Day 329 – Dentist, PHP and my teacher

Saturday, January 27th 2017

Today was a good one.

I was woken up by my mom, since it was getting late and I had a dentist appointment. The appointment went well and the dentist said that even though it’s been a while since I had an X-Ray, we could always push it for next time, because I’ve never gotten a cavity, so the risk of that is pretty slim. I watched a movie that I had no idea what it was about since I missed the beginning of it, but it kept me interested even if it’s really not the type of movie I like, she cleaned my teeth with the unpleasant moment it being the cleaning part where you can pick over a ridiculous amount of flavours (I pick mint to be safe), since the taste is not great, then the other dentist came along to check up on my teeth, which he was attractive from the short moment I saw him from an awkward angle (he’s too old for me, but I can still say he’s attractive), and the two dentists discussed about a 14 year old boy where his name was something, but they called him Scotty for whatever reason, then I was free to leave.

When I got home, I watched quite a few episodes of ReLife before calling Megg about our PHP work. Even though he doesn’t know much of PHP himself, we were able to figure out how to do it. Since he read my entry yesterday where I wanted to be capable of saying to my teacher “Even if I didn’t do it on time, I did everything and understood”, or something along those lines, he wanted me to send an email with the work. So I sent an email with it, saying to my teacher that I worked on it with a friend, and that he wanted me to send it, because of what I wrote earlier. After that I thanked Megg and we discussed some projects, such as making a website, before we ended the call.

I then watched some YouTube, ate supper and later worked on a little bit of math, then helped out on the server. I also got an email back from my teacher saying :

“Hello [my name],

I put your work on your website at [my] and despite what you think, you did it perfectly, and yes you did it differently, but you kept in mind the use of the CSS (which is excellent).

your prof.”

For some reason when I sent the email and received his I kept almost crying? I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I want to be capable of proving to my teacher that I work hard and that I can actually do what I’m asked to do, even if I don’t really have to prove that, because he already knows I do. It’s like I want to make him proud, and I never really wanted to make a teacher proud, but him I do? I guess it’s because he ends up having stronger relationships with his students—he even has a lot of them added on Facebook, even my brother. He even kept some work from my brother because he was so impressed by his work (also said that when he’ll look into his USB key even 3 years later, it’ll still be there), and he said he’ll keep my work too! To add, when my mom posted a picture of me and my brother on vacation on Facebook, he commented something along the lines of “Two truly kind hearted people.” I’m gonna be sad after my last exam I have with him. He’s truly a great and motivational teacher. He also helped Kohai a lot and provided her with really good advice as well when she needed it.

That’s all for today.

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