Guys like you
make girls like her
wonder why you’re into her
Have you sensed her insecurity?
Many have called her ‘fat’
making her feel ugly

Guys like you
get her attention
but is your interest genuine?
Still, she’s wary
cautious of how you might be
Are you for real or is she just crazy?

Guys like you
try to trick her
with compliments to make her feel prettier
For a while, she’s almost fallen
unaware of your true intentions
as if she’s one in a million

Guys like you
act like you own her
the way you do with many others
but her instinct is her protector
like her friends who say she deserves much better

Guys like you
bring tears to her eyes
make her feel stupid for believing your lies
You’ve pretended to care
while trying to take off what she wears
like you do with other girls everywhere

Guys like you
have compromised her faith in love
Has it been true,
or just an illusion too?
She’s supposed to start this year with joy
instead of being treated like a toy

With guys like you,
she’s more than through
sick to death of the same old blues
She doesn’t want to lose
so she has to choose
to start ignoring another one too many,
just like you!


(Jakarta, 18/1/2017 – 6:05 pm)

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