it’s always sunny in texas

it’s january, which in my mind means that it’s supposed to be cold all the time, but it’s not, and i’m glad even though i’m also sad at the fact that there’s no snow. since i walk to and from school every day, it’s a good thing that the weather is mostly nice and clear. i can’t tolerate walking in the cold and getting all snotty. the only problem with it being sunny all the time is that it gets too hot, and then i tan in weird lines, and get all sticky and sweaty.


the women’s march makes me so fucking proud every time i read about it on the internet. fuck, it makes me proud. i start crying every time i read some of the fantastic signs people were holding up during the marches. the sea of pink pussy hats looks amazing in pictures, and i’m so happy that the march will go down in history, that my sons and daughters will learn about it in their history classes when they’re in high school.


i have so much stuff to do this week, like always. tests and such things. not so bad, i guess. i got through first semester fine, so i guess i’ll just keep doing what i’m doing.


i’m really in love with pewdiepie and marzia’s relationship right now. they’re so cute together. it’s weird, because pewds is so obnoxious in his videos, but soft and quiet in marzia’s. i love their dynamic.


i’m also in love with schizmbeats’ beat tape, ethereal loops. it’s amazing. lo-fi and just, absolutely chill.


sunny. i don’t think it’ll be all that sunny tomorrow, which is a shame, because i hate walking out on cold mornings.

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  1. Also, there is an underlying issue to why the weather is so warm. It’s something that should be concerning everyone in the entire world. 2016 was the hottest year on record, for the 3rd year in a row. The hottest year ever recorded, and we can’t do anything about it anymore.

    Wait until 2060, and snow will probably be nonexistent. By then we’ll be 65+ years old though, we might not even be alive anymore.

  2. I know you said you didn’t want to sound pissed off, but you sound really pissed off from me posting that article.

    While I read it, from the way you write about your own life, because you both have similar backgrounds, I drew connections that made me think “this might be what Pretty In Black is going through,” I apologize if it isn’t and you don’t relate to the article at all.

    I deleted the link from your entry.

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