Political Winds of Change and Upset…

 It is a gray, wet day out. But with the warm temperatures the lawn is greening up. A green lawn, even if only in patches is a sweet relief from the grays and brown of a Southern Winter. Only here in the South can one have windows open and wear shorts and t-shirts in the depths of Winter. Some find this a curse, while others find this as a blessing. 

There is an air of change in our political environment. I am appalled at the riots and marches by the Democratic Liberal types. This is a group of people who rant and rave and scream for tolerance, yet they refuse to give tolerance. To me and most people like me, this truly marginalizes their efforts and their voices.  These marchers, the activists, the entertainment stars, all they are really doing is dividing the country deeper than Barack Hussein Obama left it. This uproar and anger is as stupid as Barack Hussein Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after being in Office only 17 days and passing no legislation dealing with any type of peace accords. I cannot understand why a group of supposedly intelligent people would be upset about a man who ran on the theme of improving our country, of bringing back good jobs, of increasing our security against illegal immigrants, would be so upset. Do these people really want to live in a Third World Hell, like some areas of the inner cities are becoming? Look to the inner city of Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, even a small Southern City like mine, where there are shootings almost daily and here it appears the gang members are getting some range and trigger time as their effectiveness is improving with a higher death count. To all who are enraged and supposedly disenfranchised, give our new President time, before you judge. See his actions as a President, before judging. Remember none of us are without sin, it is not for us to judge another, for only God can do that.

I am a supporter of all Presidents. When I was younger I worked for the Democrat Party to help get Jimmy Carter elected. It was a proud moment in my life, though I paid dearly through a high interest rate when I bought my first home. And even though I cared nothing for the speeches by the man I supported Barack Hussein Obama in the beginning, as he was our President. And later as I saw what I thought was folly, in my heart I still supported him and honestly wished him well as he was our President. I know I ranted and raved, venting my anger and upset about him, I guess in the same vein as those marching and rioting about President Trump, but I at least never caused harm to another through my words.

We all must realize, we all bleed red, we are all Americans First. Our diversity is what makes us great! My family background is both recent and distant in coming to this great land. I could run around using a hyphenated name like “something-American”, but I do not for I am an American first, a proud Southerner yes, but American first!

I am bookmarked by my appearance,  bearded, long hair, biker type. I own the dreaded guns, I ride motorcycles, (use to be a Harley, now Indian), I carry at least one gun everywhere and always a blade. I drive a Jeep and have an ATV. I vote Republican. 

Yet for those who really know me they see the gentle soul of an aging Hippie, my friends are not labeled by race, sexual orientation or voting records. They see a person that will protect them, and I am willing to give my life for them. I will not run from a battle. Yes at times we have opposing views, yet we remain friends by honoring each others political opinions or just not addressing them while in each others good company. We all love and respect each other because we are human beings and Americans.

I wish this for our country, to have the peace and love for each other that my friends and I have for each other.

God bless us all.

God bless and protect America.

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