Poor judgment

Several times in the last three years I have caught my self making piir choices and doing things I have always been against. I never thought I would be the woman to step on anothers toes. I have done so on many counts in the last three years, but I always justify my actions because it’s always in the best interest of the kids if I do “step on her toes” but in all truths. These are her kids. I can not justify my actions that’s way because i think I know what is best? I am not the one who has been raising these kids since birth. Could I have stopped all this madness from ever happening if I never stepped up to the mother role to the girls? Should I have had Jeremy get a baby sitter maybe? Or should I have let her figure things out with out me giving a helping hand. Maybe then I wouldn’t of felt like I was so needed to the kids. I have been thinking all day about a small thing I heard for couples to do. When having a disagrment try and fight the others side and all day I have been trying to do then in my head with this battle with her. I do understand I have stepped on her toes by taking on the mother role but something that hasn’t changed is if she would of been doing her job as a mother there would of been no room for me to step in to that mother role. After your taking care of kids day in and day out you become important to that child as well as that child becomes important to you, that’s what happened here. I became the girls main care giver early last year…. And ever since then really I stepped in to this role and I can’t just step out. I feel bad that the kids don’t wanna live with her and man, but her man is nuts and the kids HATE him… That simply¬†

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