Pretty Words and Phrases

Petrichor (n) – The smell of earth after rain

Nyctophile (n) – a person who loves the night, darkness.

Pluviophile (n) – a person who loves the comfort that comes from rain

Selenophile (n) – a person who loves the moon

Ceraunophile (n) – a person who loves lightning and thunder

Yugen (n) – a profound awareness of the universe that triggers a deep emotional response

Ukiyo (n) – literally means “the floating world” living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life

Yoisho (n) – a word without meaning, said when flopping into a chair after a hard day at work

Bimyou (n) – not bad or “Meh”

Komorebi (n) – sunlight filtering through trees

“Te wo tsunaide” – Hold my hand

“Suki ka mo” – I might like you

“Itsuka” – Some day…

“Doki Doki shiteru” – I’m excited

“Mada okitakunai” – I don’t want to wake up yet

“Zutto tomodachi de iyou” – Let’s always be friends

“Myou da na” – That’s weird




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