Sunday January 22nd

I made it to New York. I’m about to spend my 2nd night in my apartment. Too bad my bed isn’t. 🙁 I didn’t get my furniture yesterday. Gah!! I was so excited to think I would be in my own bed again last night. No such luck. Who the fuck knows when my stuff will get here. I slept on the floor last night, and I’m on the floor again tonight. I ordered an air mattress from Amazon yesterday that is supposed to be here tomorrow, so I will at least have that if my furniture isn’t here. The movers are supposed to call me tomorrow. I am going to beg them to bring me my furniture. I may never move again if I ever get my shit back. 

I have been cleaning all day. I only did my tiny kitchen and it took all day. When I say tiny, I mean tiny. It has 2 upper cabinets, 2 lower cabinets, and one drawer. It was so disgusting. I literally worked on it for 4 straight hours, and I still didn’t do the inside of the fridge- or even touch the stove. They are supposed to be taking the stove out and replacing it with an electric one, so I’m not cleaning the one I have. 

I cleaned some in my bathroom yesterday, but it is still disgusting. I don’t know who lived here, but they were a nasty motherfucker. All the paint here is flat white, so it’s not at all scrubbable and is so dirty. I am definitely going to have to buy some paint and work on the doors and the radiator covers. 

I am supposed to have all these job interviews this week, and I have no clothes or my resume or any of my stuff! I am freaking out just a little. I think I will just cancel the 2 interviews with the charter schools. I think I have the best charter school now. I will only leave there to go to a doe school. 

I am a New York resident. I don’t think I get to be called a New Yorker just yet. But at least I live here! I live in the greatest city on Earth. 

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