Took Deedee shopping

I keep writing entries & not finishing them. Does that ever happen to you? I save them, publish them to private, intend to finish them later, and then… they sit waiting for completion. Oh well. I’ll get to them at some point.

Today I took Deedee post birthday shopping. She got some new clothes. She also got a make over at bare minerals (the ladies there are awesome!). We ended up buying beauty products that Deedee really liked (foundation, eye shadow, and mascara). We took a snack break and treated ourselves to some cookies. We stopped at one last store. Deedee got a hello kitty hand bag, pocky, and k pop posters of her favorite brands.

It started pouring on the drive home. Really pouring. I just stayed in the right lane and kept my speed around 60 mph. I have precious cargo to protect. A car was speeding and weaving… yup… on the high way during a torrential down pour. He swerved into my lane and forced me completely off of the highway. I’m just glad I had enough time to react otherwise he would have slammed into the driver side of my jeep! We were shaken, but unharmed.

We got home without another incident. Now I am in my pajamas watching tv on the couch.


2 thoughts on “Took Deedee shopping”

  1. Thank God you are safe! What a frightening incident. Home watching TV sounds like Heaven.

  2. I start journals and don’t finish them all the time. But for me it’s better to get something out that needs to get out rather than putting it off and not getting it written down and letting it fester.
    Sounds like a fun shopping trip 🙂

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