Visiting the Future school

So far I’ve literally just sat here watching korean dramas and playing sims since Friday. I actually just recently just now rememberd that I’m going to visit the “highschool” or “videregående” (i dont know how to transelate it to english) as we call it. That reminded me that I need to find some hella good looking clothes as a first impression to the school im hopefully going to study in after the summer. And probably I”ll be around alot of people that can possibly be my classmates in the future. I got really stressed suddenly and immediatly went and took a shower and went through my entire closet just to find the perfect clothes that I’ll look fabulous in. 

At first I thought that I was the only one of my friends thats going to visit that school. So I got nervous, because that means I’ll have to go inside all by myself and walk among all other 10th graders from other schools. Also I’ll have to sit there alone on the big stairs there and that will be so awkward. But then one of my friends told me shes going to be there too. And we agreed that we are going to walk there together. But since I’m going to visit a different major than her, the rest of the day will be all on my own. 

Like, I will be very nervous if theres alot of other students there. Since then most will probably be sitting in groups or maybe they will just completely leave me out and socialise since I’m kind of a difficult person to approach. But what makes me even more nervous is that maybe there will not be that many students in my major after all? What If the other schools thought the same was as my school, and decided to visit that major on tuesday instead? What If they just tell everyone to come to that classroom if their going to visit that major, and then it ends up just being me? Its not very likely that this is going to happen, but since I’m the only one from my school that decided to go there then its not impossible. 

Tuesday will be no problem though since I’m going there with my bestfriend. She goes to another school, but thei school have visiting stuff the same as us, monday and tuesday. My other friends from my school are also going to be there actually, which is probably going to be fun since tuesday is were we decided to go for the design major. 

Also another thing that I’m kind of hoping for, which is also the reason why I’m stressing to find clothes that I’ll look flawless in. The guy from the mall. Yes, I know, I’m probably really creepy for still thinking about him. But seriously, It’s a really small city I live in. Everyone is connected in some way, and its just so weird that I’ve never seen him before. Hopefully im right that he goes to highschool, and that my friend is wrong since she thought he is older than that. Well, I dont know. 


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