108 D, stepping out

This weekend we had what I’d like to call a parenting win. We have been trying to encourage D to sign up for a NYSSMA solo. It’s an opportunity to play a piece of music for a judge and get critiqued.  She hates the idea.  Really hates the idea. Now, as mom to this girl, I am learning where to encourage, nudge etc and where not to.  Where to push and where to back off.  That is part of the parent’s job description, right? This is one thing that I believe with all my heart will be a positive growing experience for her. She says she likes the way she plays and doesn’t care what anyone thinks so why does she need to do this? I am completely fine with that – I don’t expect her to be a virtuoso. We just want her to enjoy playing.  And she does. But I don’t see NYSSMA as being about playing better. It’s a chance for her to reach outside of her comfort zone – where growth happens. Well, after much discussion about it on and off during the weekend, she came around. She said “against my better judgement I will do NYSSMA”. Now the work of getting her in a good place with her music and her mind begins.  

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  1. Thanks for your comments!
    She plays the viola Goddess. We encouraged both kids to try an instrument when it was offered in school. S was eager to try but hated it early on. He wanted to quit but we made him complete the year – to teach him about commitment – it was a long year!
    Every kid is different. I really wasn’t sure I’d get D to agree to this. Finding that magic balance of pushing and backing off for each kid is very hard. And I just have the 2 of them! I don’t know how parents with several kids do it. Or teachers either!

  2. I know how these kids feel.
    I have to dissect flatworms, find the damn x, and take piano lessons, although I plan to be a sailor or a pilot.
    Not like I will ever need either of these.

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