Being beside him

I finally had a conversation with my best guy friend, he’s so sweet to me.

He’s not Christian, but I still like him a lot. I can’t be with him, but I already decided that being beside him is enough for me for now. He means so much to me.

I pray maybe one day he can be mine, and I can be his, if its meant to be. Maybe if he finds a reason within himself to try, at least try, to get to know God. I am trying not to get carried away with the thought of him, but I cant help it. He’s truly unique in every way and I cant help but love certain characteristics about him. Even if I cant be with him, I can still like him, and maybe love a different way from I’m used to.

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  1. I nearly broke my eyes reading this .,.
    Please make it legible.

  2. @Flitch
    Probably my phone’s fault, didn’t use a computer. :/

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